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Finding a Local Hookup the Right Way

If you’re trying to find a local hookup the right way, you need to listen up. Just like with anything else in life, there are always two ways to do things: the right way and the wrong way. I’m telling you right now, doing things the wrong way may seem easy at first, but things might bite you in the ass later on. Guys who cut corners and take shortcuts often end up getting burned. This is especially true when it comes to things and activities involving your penis.


You have to be very careful of situations involving your cock. You see, it’s too easy for guys to get burned at many different levels. There are guys who play the search hook up game in such a way that they end up getting burned emotionally. There are other dudes who play the game in such a way that they catch a fucked up disease. Other dudes end up being beaten up by angry husbands and boyfriends. I hope you see where this is leading.


I hope you see the big picture. You should never, ever think with your second head. Always think with your top head. You know, the one with the gray matter in between your ears. So, if you’re serious about doing the search hook up game the right way, pay attention to the following.


Know what you’re looking for


If you don’t know what you’re looking for, chances are you will get something that will fuck you up. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t have a clear idea where to head, chances are you will end up getting lost and you would end up in a worse place. This has happened many times over in all areas of your life. Don’t let it happen in your search for pussy.


Don’t settle for anything less in a search hook up


If you’re looking to hook up with blonde, green-eyed women, then don’t settle for anything less. You see, it’s too easy for guys to get blinded by pussy. It’s too easy for dudes to fall for the temptation of an easy hole. The problem is if you fall for temptations time and time again, your character becomes weak and you end up cutting corners. This can lead to all sorts of fucked up situations in the future.


You see, the more you stick to your principles and your standards, the higher the likelihood that you would be able to hook up on a consistent basis with women that meet your standards. The moment you start relaxing your standards, you start losing self-discipline, and the whole thing goes to shit. If you don’t believe me, try it. It can lead to tragic consequences as far as your sex life is concerned.


Remember: You will find that girl eventually


If you’re only looking to fuck quality women, don’t give up hope. The typical search hook up website may be filled with a lot of chicks, but most of them are rats and cockroaches. If you have high standards, stick to your standards. You will be rewarded eventually.